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bringing restoration and hope to survivors of human trafficking through the healing power of music and love

ukulele. ukan do it!

everywhere i go, people want to try out my kala brand music makala dolphin ukulele.

this family was on the train to kerala. the little girl was a super-fast learner and liked it so much, grandma and grandpa and little brother barely got a chance to try it.


shoe salesman rockstar.


chennai silks sales girl.


this guy might have something here! (very short video)


aunty on the train back to pune.


one more little girl on the train, sitar style.


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4 thoughts on “ukulele. ukan do it!

  1. Ever think of opening up a store for the girls to sell them and use the proceeds to have their own as well as make a living?

    • ya, some day, john, that would be awesome!
      meanwhile, i’m really hoping that kala brand music gets distribution here — because i need a source for more!!
      the makala dolphin is by far the best best best beginner ukulele on the market, and i think that in the not too distant future, ukulele will really take off in india.

  2. Maybe you should make some Laurie. It may be fairly easy if you can get some tooling setup. You maybe can order kits. I know they make them for mandolin and guitar.

    • that would be really cool, too!! i hope that as the project grows and develops, others may join and bring skills and training. want to come over and show us how to make ukuleles? ukan do it!!

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