survivor girl ukulele band

bringing restoration and hope to survivors of human trafficking through the healing power of music and love

sounds of survivor girl ukulele band 2015 — kolkata!

the wait is over! it’s time to hear some of the sounds of survivor girl ukulele band 2015 — kolkata!


for privacy and security, girls’ faces are not shown.

if you do nothing else today, listen to this girl sing and play a famous bollywood song, called “jeena jeena.” there are some fairly loud noises in the audio, so maybe don’t crank this on your earphones šŸ˜‰



and here’s a little bit of twinkle twinkle for your day!



and here’s a little mash up i wrote to teach the girls the very common c, a minor, d minor, g7 chord progression. it’s called “ami tamake bhalo bashi / baby.” (ami tamake bhalo bashi means “i love you” in bengali.)


i hope from these recordings you can get a little sense of what it means to these girls to learn to play ukulele. it wouldn’t be possible without you.Ā thank you thank you thank you forĀ supporting this project financially, through your love and friendship, and through telling a friend about survivor girl ukulele band.




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5 thoughts on “sounds of survivor girl ukulele band 2015 — kolkata!

  1. thanks for this – it made me smile you and your students are in my prayers this Holy week.


    Hugh >

  2. john keirsey on said:

    Laurie, that was beautiful! What a sweet, beautiful voice. I’m have something happy to share. Since I got shingles in November, the Lord has awakened an old habit, powered by new grace. I now can pray everyday for things. That of course, means you and the girls. PTL! I’m happy. lot’s of love, brother john

  3. Margaret on said:

    I loved hearing the progress and sweet voices. Love having the updates. God’s blessings to you all.

  4. I love this Laurie! These girls are flowering so… nice gardening…. : )

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