survivor girl ukulele band

bringing restoration and hope to survivors of human trafficking through the healing power of music and love

play it again, that survivor girl ukulele band song


eleven of my students were recently restored to their homes and families. each of them brought home a kala brand music ukulele and an electronic tuner and music and lots of happy memories of our survivor girl ukulele band days.

one of the police officers accompanying the girls on their travels gave each of them a rose at the train station as they embarked on their new life.

here’s a little video montage of those days and of their departure. listen to the end — you won’t be disappointed.

i hope that they continue to heal from the trauma they have endured and have courage and hope and joy in the challenges that lie ahead. lord bless those girls!!!

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7 thoughts on “play it again, that survivor girl ukulele band song

  1. Kimby Rosenthal on said:

    Wow, Laurie. That is just so cool. You can just hear the excitement in their voices! You’ve done a wonderful thing to help them.

  2. Anne Faassen on said:

    Wonderful, Laurie! An inspiration to all who know you and your work.

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    • thank you, jeanette, for sharing my blog. it’s so great to connect with you and now your readers. thank you for the encouragement and for bringing awareness.

  4. Lorin Hart on said:

    Ed Tree must be really touched . I can’t believe what you have built Laurie..I am so proud to know you. Prayers for you and your girls… : )

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